Speak to me Softly | 2019


This short film takes an honest and intimate look at the headspace of climber Jenny Abegg as she ascends Moonlight Buttress while fighting self-criticism and doubt.


Director's Statement

I remember riding in the shuttle bus with Jenny in Zion National Park. She turned to me and began telling me how she wanted to explore her relationship to Fear in climbing through writing and film. As she spoke I could see this film behind my eyes, it was as if she was making it right there in that bus with every work she spoke. It took work to get this project off the ground but once we did, the film began to lead the way. As we filmed this piece, it became clear that what we were up to was unpacking that relationship Jenny has originally spoken about. The point wasn't so much to understand fear as much as it was to better understand how Jenny, and many of us, communicate with fear in moments of intensity. Making are, in wild space, about the human experience under pressure is one of my favorite things to do! Through this film I had the opportunity to understand myself even more.