Only The Mountain Remains | 2022


How can embracing death teach us how to truly live? Is it possible to live this life in the mystical realm that is outside of time? The revelations in this short film by Tory Capron are her final teachings as Tory is living and dying with ALS. A spiritual teacher for the last 30 years, Tory combines her love of the teachings and her wonder of the natural world with the creative and inspiring human body. Each extraordinary, mind-stopping scene will lift the veil to reveal that nothing is left...except everything. Resilience is woven throughout the progression of seasons, consciousness, illness and even death as the film takes us on a journey far beyond our minds, which is always right here. Tory’s spoken teachings combined with stunning visuals of human movement in unique landscapes help to unmask what is and has always been. What are you waiting for — it’s time to feast your heart on Until Only the Mountain Remains.

Director Statement

"In 2017 I decided I wanted to create an art film on dying. I had no idea how to make a film or what exactly I needed to say. I had dream-images that kept coming and were driving the ideas. When Covid hit i realized it was not time to do the film, I was not clear enough on the vision. In 2021 I was diagnosed with ALS and the vision became very clear. I kept following my dream-images and with the help of Henna Taylor, "Until Only the Mountain Remains" emerged. It is about death and life and freedom." - Tory Capron